2020-GivingThe spirit of giving back is the very essence of a successful life. It is the heritage of our deepest dreams and desires to succeed to such a level that once one has risen to the top, the greatest of those successful people devote a portion of their life to giving back to those who helped then along the way. This epitomizes the very storyline of the American Dream of ” rags to riches!” –  I have succeeded and now I am giving back.

Oftentimes it takes someone a lifetime of striving for and achieving success before they stop to consider giving back. It is only in the wake of their own success that they consider giving back to those who helped them succeed. But what happens if, instead of waiting until the end of our lives, we begin giving back today? True success begins the very second, we begin giving back and not a moment sooner. Monetary and professional success does not become a complete banquet of a life well lived until every dish is served—giving back is the very foundation of a successful life. It is the appetizer that comes before the main course of living a life of our dreams.

You can donate to our various, rural area children’s programs in Kenya through this link. Thank you!