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Our Mission is to Empower local, rural area, disadvantaged communities, through capacity building and empowerment, thereby creating an eco-system of self-reliance and sustainability, with growth and productivity as the centerpiece, in areas where we extend our charitable objectives and vision.

We welcome women and men of goodwill to partner with us!

Our Humanitarian Causes and Projects


A pictorial rendering of our 22 years of service!

Charity for the underprivileged in our society!

KENYA-USA CHRISTIAN RELIEF & DEVELOPMENT, INC has accomplished a lot in the more than 22 years of service since its establishment in 1997. Many lives have been touched and improved, and lots of opportunities created for the less fortunate in our Communities. We are exceedingly proud and thankful, to all our donors, well-wishers, volunteers and many other hands who came on deck from different walks of life, from industry, churches etc. and have participated in one way or another, to help us accomplish our organizational goals, to the extend we have, through their benevolent giving.
But we aim not to rest on our laurels! There is much more to be done and our outlook for 2019 and beyond is even rosier, with many more ideas, programs, and tools to use to combat the ancient enemies of - poverty; ignorance and disease.
We will continue to appreciate any form of donations or assistance accorded us in the furtherance of our cause.