About Us.


We often think of Charity As an Action. But I think of Charity as a State Of The Heart.

The Mission of KENYA/USA CHRISTIAN RELIEF & DEVELOPMENT, INC. is to strive and help those who are struggling to shuffle-off the yokes of hunger, ignorance, and disease. Our Mission is built upon the following tenets:-

Everyone is called to develop and fulfill the self. At birth, every person is granted a set of aptitudes and qualities for one to bring to fruition. Their coming to maturity, which is the result of education received from the environment and personal efforts, will allow each person to direct the self towards his/her destiny. Endowed with intelligence and freedom, each person is responsible for his/her own fulfillment and KUSARD's Mission is to facilitate this individual process towards self-sufficiency and freedom through the empowerment of the Self.

Each man and woman has the right to find in the world that which is necessary to live a decent and dignified life.

We hope to achieve our Mission by establishing development programs that can bring to the poor Freedom from suffering and a greater assurance of finding subsistence, health and fixed employment; education and therefore a better quality of life.
I believe that all of us have an obligation to help those living in sheer poverty. It is no secret that the distance is growing that separates the progress of some and the stagnation of others. We can no longer turn away or shut-off our ears and eyes to the cries of the suffering in some forsaken backwater places of the world, because, to use a present-day cliche " We are living in a Global Community."

“Poverty eclipses the brightest virtues, and is the very sepulchre of brave designs, depriving an individual of the means to accomplish what nature has fitted him or her for, and stifling the noblest thoughts and hopes in their embryo. Many illustrious souls may be said to have been dead among the living, or buried alive in the obscurity of their condition, whose perfections have rendered them the darlings of angels.” 

Together we can partner and strive for social change. Reach us at:+1 973.626.1156 or e-mail: smaweu@aol.com